Proper Planning For A Hiking Outing

We all know that hiking is a ton of fun, but when you decided to get deep into it, to plan a trip around hiking, then you will need more than just your military flashlight to guarantee that you have a great time. We have curated a list of hiking related products that are utilitarian in nature that everyone who goes hiking should have. These are products that any hiker would find the immediate use for.
Proper Hiking Boots

It all starts with your feet, and there’s even an old saying about how a trip of a thousand miles begins with one foot. In our case, when it comes to hiking, it isn’t just about taking that first step out the door but about what you put on your feet. The right pair of hiking boots will make all the difference. There is nothing worse than bad shoes on a hiking trip because every little step you take will send pain through your feet and likely your soul too. So, invest (yes invest)in quality hiking boots. We know that invest is a word that is overused, but here it applies perfectly.

Quality Socks

Did we not say that it all starts with your feet? It doesn’t begin or end with the right hiking boots. It begins with the socks that you choose. Sure, many think, ‘a sock by any other name is just a sock, ‘ but they are wrong. The wrong socks in the right hiking boots spell disaster. Harry Potter potions class level of disaster. The wrong socks will rub against your feet and your boots causing friction, friction creates heat, it creates overuse and it equal raw skin and sore feet. Do yourself a favor and buy some quality socks that are made for hiking, running and using your feet for more than just sprinting to the couch or fridge.

Let There Be Light (Fire)

Fire, where would the man be without it? In a college biology magazine, the type that comes with a new college textbook claimed that the ability to create fire and cook food is responsible for the large and powerful human brain that requires more nutrients than any other animal. As a hiker, camper, outdoorsman or woman, you need fire. You need it to cook; you need it to stay warm, you need fire to impress other cave girls and guys and to light your cave to show off your cool abstract cave art (hipster since 56 BC.) Even if you are doing more glamping (glamor luxury camping) than roughing it, you still might get lost, and the woods are deep and dark. Fire shall be your guiding light, your way back home, your warm security blanket or even your cooking source. There are all sorts of lightweight survival fire starting tools that are easy to use in any weather condition; they don’t cost much, but they are invaluable in the great outdoors.  Also for the best flashllight visit this website and also read their review of the Hybeam flashlight to find the best available flashlights for hiking.

Beyond just being a little hangry (hungry and angry) and in need of a Snickers bar to be more like your calm, cool and collective self. Carrying survival food is very important when hiking. We are going to group water as food too because without it we dry up, get dehydrated and die within a few days. Obviously, we were born to a beverage. These are no shortage of easy to store, light to carry survival food that will easily fit in your bag. Buy some, take some, mitigate your risks and prevent having a ‘hangry’ episode because no one is sharing their Snickers in the woods.
Water Decontamination Unit
If things go bad like getting lost and not having any bottled water on you, a water decontamination unit might just save your life. This is one of those it all with to waste type of survival tools but every year hikers get lost, they get hungry, they get thirsty, and some even die. Allow yourself to die another day by bringing one of these units; sometimes they are as small as the cup, that will allow you to sterilize water and hydrate yourself.

Cheap Backup Cellphone or Walkie
Always hike with a partner, have more than one communication device and even consider a walkie or some other noncellular tower communications device because cellphone don’t always pickup a connection in the woods. Survival is all about mitigating against the ‘oh —— moments’ and creating contingencies.
Walk swift my friend.